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Halloween Do’s & Don’ts

27 Oct

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. It’s one of the most guilt-free holidays ever- unlike New Years Eve where you make promises to yourself about starting on that carb-free diet, or Christmas where you make sure to keep track of who’s naughty and nice. Seriously?! Halloween is the free-for-all  Woodstock of all holidays, where you get to dress up as virtually anything, in virtually nothing (for females and some males)! Take advantage of this seductively spooky upcoming holiday where you get a trick or even a treat for just being an imaginative lil’ freak.

DO Dress Sexy. (Sexy – ye of little to none clothing) Continue reading


Most Wanted for October

25 Oct

What more can a girl ask for than some kick ass accessories and fabulous shoes. A good pair of shoes can make or break and outfit. A good accessory can take your look from dud to dizzaamn! My style is really eclectic so I’m always game for items that take a look and add the wow-factor no matter how weird. So I’ve put together a few drool worthy pieces that I’m lusting after. Pieces that make me say, “Oui Oui!” Pieces that have been making me drool on my MacBook Pro as I stare at them on my screen and convince myself that feeding myself is more important than buying them. But a girl can always dream…


Leave it to Alexander McQueen to make even your wrist looks look fierce. #want :

Above the Knuckle Rings are definitely on my #want list. Phoebe from Friends used to sport these on the show. I definitely don’t take my fashion-spirations from her but sista-girl definitely got an A+ in my book with her rings: Continue reading

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