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32 More Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

31 Jan

So, apparently some people like to read my blog. I got some good feedback on my last Facebook timeline cover post and a lot of you wanted to see more funny/cute/fun pictures for the Facebook Timeline. So, I went hunting for some more, and here’s what I came up with! So browse, enjoy, and update that Facebook timeline with a sassy cover photo ASAP!

Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photo #1: Cookie Monster

funny facebook covers cookiemonster cookie monster where the fuck are my cookies at funny humour hilarious facebook cover timeline photo funny picture for facebook cover

Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photo #2: Snake

funny facebook covers snake nokie snake game image funny hilarious humour photo facebook timeline cover photo middle eastern man snake charming cover photo

Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photo #3: Baked

funny facebook covers totally baked half baked gingerbread cookie funny hilarious humor photo picture cover photo for facebook timeline funny facebook cover photos

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Fun Date Ideas for Valentines Day in San Francisco

31 Jan

If you’re looking for an overpriced date idea, then this post is not for you. Just stop reading now. But if you’re not the boring type and would rather do something fun and interesting on your obligatory Valentines day date then be prepared to be blown away by this list. This is the holy grail of lists of the coolest date ideas that are NOT the same old prix fixed menu dinners that everyone else goes to on Valentines Day. Obviously these date ideas work for any type of date but since Valentines Day is around the corner, you might as well start impressing your significant other with one of these dates on February 14th.

Date Idea #1: House of Air

Take your date to the trampoline park and get your fun on. A date at the House of Air will cost you $32 for you and your date for 1 hour and after that you can go grub since you’ll definitely be famished from all the jumping.

Date ideas Valentines day date idea House of Air san francisco bay area pretty please blog

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Our Picks for the Best Dressed at the 2012 SAG Awards

30 Jan

Emily Blunt SAG awards 2012 Green one shoulder Best Dressed pretty please blog

Ashlee Simpson SAG awards 2012 Jenny Packham gown Best Dressed pretty please blog

Viola Davis SAG awards 2012 Marchesa dress Best Dressed pretty please blog

Lea Michele SAG awards 2012 Versace gown Best Dressed pretty please blog

We loved loved loved Emily Blunt, Ashlee Simpson, Viola Davis & Lea Michele at the 2012 SAG Awards. Who made it on your best dressed list?

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Photo: hitfix, fashionologie

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men Part Deux

30 Jan

gift ideas for your boyfriend pretty please us blog birthday gift anniversary gift valentines gift

Last week we brought to you Part 1 of Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men. Here’s some more awesome sauce options that you can work with for your honey boo boo child. You have 15 days till February 14th and if you actually step up your game you can finally sing “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me” and not sound hear crickets. So lets get to it eh? Continue reading

37 Different & Unique Ways to Tie A Scarf

26 Jan

Brrrr.. It’s cold in here .. There must be some bloggers in this atmosphere ..


It’s scarf season folks. Time to wrap those necks up with some trendy cute scarves and call it a day. Because we want you to be ahead of your fashion A-game, here are some good resources we’ve compiled to get you scarfin’.

different ways to tie a scarf 12 ways to tie a scarf easy ways to tie a scarf different ways to tie a scarf how to tie scarf scarves fashion trendy cute stylish ways to wear a scarf how to wear a scarf how to tie a scarf what to wear with a scarf how to dress a scarf up unique ways to tie a scarf unusual ways to tie a scarf

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21 Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

25 Jan

It’s coming.

thats what she said facebook timeline cover photo funny cover photo pictures for facebook timelime twss cover picture for facebook

It’s coming. Facebook Timeline, that is. We already know (and have known) this of course, but when we read this lovely article, it was a swift kick in the Facebook tush. Those of us still lucky enough to hold on to our old profiles (like me), have to kiss them goodbye, very, very soon.

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What Was She Wearing? Birthday Party Edition!

24 Jan




So, in case you missed it, it was my birthday! For those of you who don’t know me, and those of you who do, here’s a little fact about me: I LOVE BIRTHDAY DRESSES. I’m always the girl who scours every single store I know and has her birthday dress picked out, purchased, and proudly secured in her room for weeks. This year was a weeeee bit different. For once, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear. I went to a couple of stores, and here’s what I came up with:

Option 1: Purple Mullet Dress – Shirred Satin Tube Dress via Arden B – $139

purple dress birthday dress dresses to wear out what to wear for a birthday party what to wear for a cocktail event perfect dress for tall girls womens fashion womens apparel cute hot dresses to wear fashionable dresses to wear mullet dresses purple party dress tube top dress short purple mini-dress

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Most Wanted: My January 2012 Wish List

24 Jan
january shopping wish list most wanted pretty please us blog
So I’ve imposed a NO SHOPPING embargo on myself for the month of January. Guess what happens when you add dumb no-shopping clauses in your life contract, you become a raging i-drool-cuz-i-cant-shop-aholic. I’ve been filling up so many carts on so many websites that I’ve lost count. I’m having major withdrawals and doing this Most Wanted blog post has become a therapeutic exercise. Now I haven’t done one since October because in November & December I went a little ape shit with shopping in the name of Saint Nicholas. But since this month I’m now allowed to buy anything, all I can and will be doing is making lists. Wahn 😦
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5 Ways You Won’t Find Love: Dating Mistakes Prince Charming Hates

23 Jan

Girl meets guy. Guy thinks girl is cute. Guy and Girl start to date. Girl thinks everything is amazing. Guy all of a sudden avoids girl. Girl is confused/heartbroken/in denial.

Enter: Heartbroken Girl

Exit: Prince Charming

girl heartbroken dating mistakes to avoid how to get the perfect man when will i meet prince charming dating mistakes to avoid valentines day 2012 dating tips for single women and men dating issues how to meet the one how to meet the right person how to find prince charming

Lets revisit a story.. Cinderella, she danced with Prince C, lost her shoe, and had to leave FAST. Prince Charming meanwhile had a bone(r) to pick with her. He was besotted. Sound like a disaster? Not really, Cinderella worked her charm and her and Prince C lived happily ever after. There’s a lot you can learn from them too.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Part 1

23 Jan

what to buy for your boyfriend gift valentines day birthday christmas anniversary pretty please us blog

Boys boys boys. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Well if you’re lucky enough to have a boy to call your valentines you should make sure that you spoil him as much as he’s planning on spoiling you. If he’s worth it, and you don’t, someone else might try to!

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