What Was She Wearing: Venice Beach

28 Feb

Hello Beach Boyz & Girlz!

The Skinny:  I ventured out of my normal SoCal beach zone, and checked out Ventura Beach for the first time last week. First I grabbed some chicken tacos with sriracha sauce at the Kogi Barbeque truck. Next, I saw a freak show, hippies, and medical clubs that were willing to consult with me.

The Outfit: 

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Floral Shirt – Forever 21

Black Skinny Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Tory Birch Flip Flops – Nordstrom

Black Sweater Wrap – Forever 21 (got this last year, may not be in stock)

Gold Watch – Nordstrom

Gold Headband

Gold Headband? Ahhh yes .. ladies and gents, I introduce to you my favorite accessory ever: The Headband.

gold headband hairstyles with headbands outfits to wear on the beach what to wear on a date how to wear a headband what to wear with a headband black jeans black jeggings how to rock a headband how to do hair with a headache gold headband hair accessorys

You may recognize this headband from my Red Lipstick mini-photoshoot. I can not express to you how much I adore headbands, and for how long. They are the easiest thing to throw into your hair to give it a semi-messy, semi-amazing look within seconds! I felt this was perfect for the beach, and  I felt confident rocking it! It also gave my otherwise simply outfit, a trendy little look, which I liked.

I created this ensemble inspired by my outfit, which showcases a couple of the same pieces I poured together: my black skinny jeans, a floral top, a sweater, Tory Burch for my feet, and some make up glimpses to keep in mind!

skinny black jeans skinny black jeggings what to wear on a date how to rock skinny jeans tory burch wedges floral shirt gold watch black prada bag nude lipstick nude lipgloss black eyeliner gold headband pink blush personal style women's apparel trendy outfits for women

Till next time bellas!

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