3 Simple Steps To Make You A Better Person

23 May

Help me help you. I’m huge on introspection, which can be good or bad at times. With introspection comes careful examination of one’s habits – what is and is not working? Our generation is currently in a rush to make it to the top, to launch the next new hot start-up, we’re constantly glued to our phone, and our idea of a date is Facetime. Though technologically advanced, we lack some fundamentals, which I’ve managed to sift through. One thing I want to bring back is the air of personalization .. with friends, employers, and family. Here are three things to help make you a better person:


This is what human interaction looks like nowadays:

Boy: Hi 😉

Girl: Hiya whats up?

Boy: Nothing. Bored. Chillin. K, time for the gym, ttyl.

Girl: Okay bye!!! 😉 🙂 (emoji) (emoji) (stupid emoji) (emoji)

Lame. And, yes, I’m judging you if you have a similar text in your phone.

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Texting is written communication. I, being in love with writing, can respect that form of communication. However, an interaction in person is not only refreshing, but it’s personable. It’s an amazing feeling to truly listen to someones thoughts and feelings, and vice versa. When I’m on the phone, chances are I’m playing Bejeweled or checking Twitter. Texting doesn’t account for tone either, which can manage to lead to unnecessary communication. You never know who may be in need of a friend, or how good it might feel to truly vent and talk to an old friend.


thank twitter retweet someecards sarcastic funny jokes relationship advice life advice lifestyle blog pretty please blog pretty please us blog

This is probably the most powerful yet underrated term ever. It’s easy to say

“thank you” in passing, and often we say it absentmindedly such as when someone holds the elevator or door open for you. What I’m talking about is really saying “thank you”. Write ‘thank you’ notes. Ensure that when you thank someone, you genuinely DO appreciate them and more importantly, tell them WHY you appreciate them.

In this world, you get what you put out, so say thank you, feel the appreciation flow, and give thanks generously.


Chances are you’ve been on a path forever. From kindergarten to middle school to junior year of high school to college graduation to your first job to your heartbreaks to your parents wanting you to get married to wanting to have a baby to buying a house to – STOP. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to take a time out. Sometimes it’s okay to not have to race to the next destination. Sometimes it’s okay to clear & forget what your mind has laid out for you, and listen to what your heart wants. Timeouts are a good way to evaluate, decide what you really want, and rearrange a path or two.

Now there, does that sound so hard? Happy living and loving, readers!

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