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These DIY New Year’s Eve Party Hats Get Our Stamp Of Approval

28 Dec

One thing we hate about NYE is how dorky you look in the party hats. But we love love love what Kira from Her New Leaf has done with the hats. We’d totally rock these on New Years Eve 2012:

NYE Party hats


High Heel Diva’s, Here’s Looking At You

19 Nov

So ladies, here’s the deal: We know one of your guilty pleasures, and we’re not going to judge you for it. Why? Because we suffer from it ourselves: SHOE SHOPPING RULES. Shopping for heels specifically is one of our favorite past times, and when we changed upon this little guide it peaked our interest. Check out this nifty guide before your next shoe shopping spree:

Different types of pumpus

Illustration by Michelle Ricks

Additionally, we’d like to apologize for the previous post that some of you might have seen. Our blog account was hacked and a spam post was published without our knowledge. The problem has been fixed! Thank you for your patience and again, we’re very sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused you. ❤

DIY Holloween Costume: How to Make The Best Loofah Costume

31 Oct

I’m so excited to share my Martha Stewart moment with you guys. My Halloween costume for this year was a total DIY experiment and it turned out great! Dressing up as a loofah was not only super fun, it was also ridiculously comfortable! We were stopped multiple times and asked to pose for photos, and obviously we happily obliged (helloooo 5 minutes of fame!)

Loofah Halloween costume bath puff sponge pouff cute sexy costume and how to make it prettyplease

Since a bunch of friends asked, I am going to share how I created the Loofah/bath puff/bath sponge (wtv you call it!) costume. Don’t be afraid of the instructions, it took me 30 minutes to make the entire thing!


I got all of the material at Joann Fabrics. I’m sure any fabric store in your area will carry these items.

  • 25 yards of Matte Tulle (I went with the color cranberry)
  • 1.5 yards of elastic (I got 3/4 inch width but you could go with 1/2 inch as well)
  • 1.5 yard of braided rope

Other stuff:

Step 1:

Start by cutting your 25 yards of tulle into 10 equal length pieces. That means each piece will be 2.5 yards in length. 1 Yard is 3 feet so each individual piece will be 7.5 feet long. (FYI The tulle should come folded in half already, DO NOT unfold it.)

Step 1 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 2:

Take each 2.5 yard piece and fold it into half, then another half. Each piece will now be 0.625 yards in length.

Step 2 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 3:

Take the elastic and cut 1 piece out to fit your waist and another piece out to fit you right below your bust line. Measure these pieces, cut them out and then just tie a tight knot at the end of each piece.

Step 3 of how to make a loofah cutting out the elastic

Step 4:

Cut out 10 small pieces of the elastic about 5 inches each. You’ll be using these to hold the tulle together that you created in Step 2 and to tie it to the larger elastic you created in Step 3. Sounds confusing? Keep reading.

Step 5:

Now take 1 piece of the 5 inch elastic you created in Step 4 and tie it in the center of one of the tulle pieces you folded in Step 2. Do this with all 10 pieces of tulle and elastic.

Step 5 of how to make a loofah tie the tulle in the middle

It will look like this:

Step 5 of how to make a loofah tie the tulle in the middle

Step 6:

Take the 5 of the 10 pieces you created in Step 5 and tie them to one of the elastic bands you created in Step 3. Do the same with the other 5 pieces of tulle and the other elastic band.

Step 6 of how to make a loofah make a tulle skirt

Once you tie up the 10 tulle pieces to the 2 elastic band, you’ll end up with 2 tulle skirts. They look like this:

Step 6 of how to make a loofah make a tulle skirt

Step 7:

Take the braided rope you purchased and tie it to the top tulle skirt’s elastic. That will be loofah’s hanging rope.
Anddddd you’re done!!!


Now all you have to do is put on your American Apparel dress (you can wear shorts and a tube top instead) and place the 2 “tulle skirts” you made on your waist and below your bust line. Now when you put it on, it’s not going to look right because it will have a bunch of gaps in it. Don’t worry, cut up some of the folded edges of the tulle piece to make them puffier. The tulle will also be very flat when you put it on for the first time but make sure to crumple it up with your hands to make it even puffier. I also ended up taking some of the tulle from the tulle skirt on the top and sticking it in my dress so everything stays in place. And it did!

If you want more pictures and directions, you should check out Razmataz  where I figured out how to make this costume. The directions were a bit confusing then, but they have been updated since.

I wore ballet flats instead of heels and it was the most comfortable Halloween costume I’ve ever worn!

Our amazing DIY Loofah halloween costume

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Places & Spaces That Will Make you Want To Redo Your Home Decor

23 Aug

The moment you finish a home decor project, you’ve already found 15 new ideas on Houzz & Pinterest and you’re ready to go again. Well we’re here to help you add more DIY home decor projects to your wish list. You’ll find amazing inspiration to redo your bedroom, kitchen, backyard, closet, etc.

Amazing open closet doorless coset space chevron carpet bedroom decor

twinkle lights bedroom ceiling decoration draped sheets bedroom decor

chalk paint kitchen redo kitchen wall cute kitchen diy ideas

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Most Wanted: My Shopping List For The Month Of July

27 Jul

Now just because July is almost over that doesn’t mean I can’t cause some major damage with my credit card this month. So I have 4 days to make my most wanted list into my already-got-it list.  Anyway, my July Most Wanted list is all about summer items I’d love to add to my closet. Some motor cycle boots to wear with  a casual summer dress, a neon fringe bikini for the Vegas pool parties, a shift dress to wear to a Sunday brunch, a tshirt for the gym so I can happily wear the aforementioned bathing suit & a maxi dress to wear to a summer wedding! Update: I ended up purchasing the neon fringe bikini before I finished writing this post (see I told you I could fulfill this list before July ends!) What’s on your wish list for the month?

nasty gal slouch motorcycle boots for women cross tank top ashley tisdale neon fringe bikini tobi shift dress thread social halter maxi dress pretty please blog

1. France Strapped Boot || 2. Wreckless Cross Tank || 3. L*Space Fringe Halter Bikini || 4. Sia Shift Dress || 5. Drip Hlater Bow Gown

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Guys Going Sockless: Yay or Nay?

18 Jul

The sockless summer trend for guys is definitely one that I am a big fan of though I can’t seem to figure out why I think it makes a man look oh so sexy. Maybe I’m just tired of the V-neck tshirts (though I was never not tired of it, truth be told I’m pretty traumatized by it) and think guys should figure out new ways to show some skin. Or maybe it’s the “I didn’t do laundry so I don’t have clean socks to wear but I’m still looking extra fly” look that does it for me. Who the hell knows. But let’s get one thing straight, if you’re still sporting this look that my dad (sorry dad, you’re still the best) successfully pulls off every weekend then you have bigger problems.

high socks sneakers and khakhis nerdy dad

Head over to the nearest Costco and buy yourself a 50 pack of some ankle socks. For the other more sophisticated sock enthusiasts, if you already have your masters in ankle sockery then maybe you can move onto something more challenging such as the sockless look.

khakhis button down gray blazer rolled up boat shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

derrick-rose stripe sweater blue cargo pants sockless mens style trend pretty please

gray suit checkered button down pocket square brown shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

khakhi blazer blue button down collared shirt purple tie rolled up jeans brown shoes sockless mens style trend

And my personal favorite look:

white suit gray shirt sockless mens style trend boat shoes pretty please

And some more..

sockless mens style trend casula look khakhis shorts blazers boat shoes for guys pretty please

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And The Winner Of The biKa swimwear Cover Up Is…

18 Jun

summer essential swim suit cover up biKa swimwear

Ashley O! (picked using

Congratulations Ashley! 🙂

Thank you to everyone else who participated! And a huge thanks to AmbiKa of for offering such a beautiful and unique piece for our giveaway. Stay tuned for our next giveaway in the next couple of weeks!


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Say Hello to Summer with BiKa Swimwear and Enter Our Very First Giveaway!

11 Jun


We’re so excited to announce our very first giveaway 🙂

Summer is officially here and we’re ready to get our tan on by the pool! We’ve been busy getting our wardrobe ready for the summer which consists of bathing suits, bathing suits and more bathing suits. And we’re happy to share that we have discovered a new place to get out shopping fix called biKA Swimwear. They carry the most beautiful, exotic and trendy bathing suits/cover ups!

And lucky for you, AmbiKa, the designer of biKA swimwear is giving away this gorgeous handmade cover up that’s going to keep you looking stylish by the poolside.

biKa swimwear summer manorama cover up pretty please blog giveaway

biKa swimwear Manorama cover up –  $220

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What Was She Wearing: Bridal Shower With A Splash Of Neon

22 May

what to wear to a bridal shower Summer 2012 aldo shoes Peach McCandlish ballerina flats zara maxi skirt with slits pretty please

Yup, it’s wedding season and I had the honor of attending one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to this past weekend. Not only were the detailed planned to perfection, the amount of love in the air was amazing. Let’s just say I’m not only hung over from the weekend but emotionally spent, in a good way.

The bridal shower leading up to the wedding was also, as expected, phenomenal. Wearing a pretty floral dress for a bridal shower is usually a safe bet but I wanted to do something different (inspired by the pic below!) and guess what- I captured it all on my iPhone camera to show you guys. Let me know what you think. =)

women style inspiration bridal shower what to wear summer 2012 fashion gray maxi skirt white button down shirt brown belt wavy hair Continue reading

Shoes On My Mind: Zara Asymmetric Court Pumps

14 May

*yay* for pointy toe pumps for coming back into style, *wahnnn* for the ones I want being sold out. I’m talking about the sold out (previous season) Zara Asymmetric Court pumps. Sad face. Obviously I want what you can’t have. The original pair was priced < $50 and now they’re going for >$150 on ebay. These are gorgeous and such a fabulous twist on the classic black pumps.

zara asymmetic court black leather pumps pretty please

We all know I love shoes and these one… Continue reading

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