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What Was She Wearing: Keeping it Casual

2 Feb

Sometimes the most basic outfits can be the best. I loved my jeans & tank top look because it was comfy and cute. I ended up wearing it to a birthday happy hour on a Tuesday at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. I dressed up the casual look with my amazing layered necklace & my studded pumps. Plus this tank top is gorgeous! It’s a basic piece but I love that it’s longer in the back. Anywho, hope you guys like it =)

What was she wearing pretty please dressing up express jeans and a H&M tank top with Kelsey Dagger heels outfit Continue reading


What Was She Wearing: Happy Hour Edition

15 Dec

Some friends were in town and we went to Happy Hour at Santana Row on Friday. I’ve been obsessed with my leopard print scarf lately AND I had just received my new Wedge Booties in the mail that week so obviously I had to create an outfit around those 2 things.

What was she wearing: happy hour with friends outfit

Happy Hour Outfit Deconstructed: Continue reading

What Was She Wearing: Birthday Dinner Edition

12 Dec

Friday Night’s are amazing. Especially when you have something to wear. When you don’t on the other hand, Friday nights can turn into the most superficially stressful moments ever.

Why? Because clothes maketh the man, homie!

Thankfully last Friday night afternoon, a quick trip to Forever 21 was all I needed to put together a cutesy outfit.

Forever 21 casual cute date night outfits dressed up blazer lace shirt

What is SHE wearing?!

Well for starters, that “She” is Me – Raji!

What is SHE wearing?!

I opted for my Forever 21 finds, and mixed and matched with some of my own pieces. Continue reading

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