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Guys Going Sockless: Yay or Nay?

18 Jul

The sockless summer trend for guys is definitely one that I am a big fan of though I can’t seem to figure out why I think it makes a man look oh so sexy. Maybe I’m just tired of the V-neck tshirts (though I was never not tired of it, truth be told I’m pretty traumatized by it) and think guys should figure out new ways to show some skin. Or maybe it’s the “I didn’t do laundry so I don’t have clean socks to wear but I’m still looking extra fly” look that does it for me. Who the hell knows. But let’s get one thing straight, if you’re still sporting this look that my dad (sorry dad, you’re still the best) successfully pulls off every weekend then you have bigger problems.

high socks sneakers and khakhis nerdy dad

Head over to the nearest Costco and buy yourself a 50 pack of some ankle socks. For the other more sophisticated sock enthusiasts, if you already have your masters in ankle sockery then maybe you can move onto something more challenging such as the sockless look.

khakhis button down gray blazer rolled up boat shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

derrick-rose stripe sweater blue cargo pants sockless mens style trend pretty please

gray suit checkered button down pocket square brown shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

khakhi blazer blue button down collared shirt purple tie rolled up jeans brown shoes sockless mens style trend

And my personal favorite look:

white suit gray shirt sockless mens style trend boat shoes pretty please

And some more..

sockless mens style trend casula look khakhis shorts blazers boat shoes for guys pretty please

Some tips on going sockless Continue reading


Do Right And Kill Everything – Especially Fashion

3 Apr

Welcome to Club Paradise

“He in love with street shit
No wonder why I feel awkward at this fashion week shit”

Though he raps the above lyric in Club Paradise, anyone who see’s Drake’s GQ Fashion Spread would think he lived at Fashion Week. GQ managed to capture Drake in a way that combines his hip hop swag and mixes in trendy men’s fashion and produces some photos I’d liken to visual heaven.

Drake GQ cover drake gq fashion spread drake fashion mens fashion mens clothing trendy mens clothing how to dress trendy skinny pants for men mens apparel skinny tie simple grey t-shirt charcoal suit mens trendy suit and blazer trendy mens blazer trendy dark grey blazer calvin klein suit collection rolex watch pretty please us blog pretty please blog raji randhawa alexander wang shirt dior homme sneakers dior homme shoes

Calvin Klein Suit. Alexander Wang Shirt. Dior Homme Shoes.

Drake GQ cover drake gq fashion spread drake fashion mens fashion mens clothing trendy mens clothing how to dress trendy skinny pants for men mens apparel skinny tie simple grey t-shirt charcoal suit mens trendy suit and blazer trendy mens blazer trendy dark grey blazer pretty please us blog pretty please blog raji randhawa ralph lauren shoes canali shirt louis vuitton suit Brunello Cucinelli tie

Louis Vuitton Suit. Canali Shirt. Ralph Lauren Shoes. Continue reading

12Society: Where Tech Meets Man

19 Mar

12society cofounder tim lincecum giants startup pretty please blog mens fashion start up chirayu patel Sameer Mehta Nadir Hyder jungle cents ceos new start up

We’ve gotten a sneak peek of the hot new company, 12society and we can’t wait until it launches! The founding trio comprises of an impressive list, if we do say so ourselves: Chirayu Patel, Sameer Mehta and Nadir Hyder. Oh, and Tim Lincecum. How’s that for fancy?

12society aims to be the ultimate maven for men – a celebrity-endorsed world where fashion, culture, and lifestyle brands are Continue reading

Men’s Accessories: Tie Bar- The why, the what, the how

24 Feb

Tie Bar accesory for men how to style wear tie clip tie bar pretty please us blog

Hello again boys,

Did you know that men’s accessories sales are on the rise? Men are buying so many accessories that some forecasters predict sales growth for men’s clothing and accessories during the first three months of this year will set a 20-year high.  This brings us to our point, the tie bar, the first men’s accessory we shall discuss. Tie bars have gained popularity recently and if you haven’t gotten one yet, you must! It’s a hot accessory for men and you better jump on the tie bar train before it leaves without you. I personally prefer the more simple, plain look such as the Tiffany’s Tie Bar below but there’s definitely some fancy ones out there.

Tiffany’s Plain Tie Bar Continue reading

Mens Clothing Drama – What & How To Layer

16 Feb

Oh heyyyy boys! This one is for you.

Layering isn’t just for women, men can also spruce up an outfit with the right layers. Layering always seems like a daunting task. At first, mixing tailored clothing with knits, stripes with more prints, leather with wool all makes you scratch your head and say WTF? Worry not, dear reader, we’re here to help. Get ready for some layerinspiration. It’s going to be all about layering cardigans with more cardigans, wool with suede, sweaters with blazers, denim jackets with coats, Henleys with sweaters, blazers with coats, etc, etc.

So get off your bum and step up your layering game. It’s not hard. Just requires some effort to look well put together. Check out these well layered gentlemen and take a page (or two) from their book.

Grey & Brown

clothing for men grey cardigan brown suede jacet shirt jeans and boots for boys menswear how to dress layers pretty please fashion blog

The 2 cardigan pileup

menswear how to dress for men jeans cardigan tie boots clothing for men pretty please us blog

Continue reading

Clothes Make The Man: What an Aldo Shoe’s Rep Wears to Work

4 Jan

I like clothes. I like any reason to go buy more clothes. Really, I’m a cloth-a-holic, minus the hangover. So when people dress well, I sit up, take notice, and do the right thing .. ask them if I can feature them in my blog. Even if I’m shopping at the Aldo’s Outlet in Vacaville on NYE. Ruthless, I iz.

Meet Nick.

mens shoes trendy clothing casual outfits for men how to wear a hat for men how to rock a hat what to wear with combat boots for men trendy skinny jean outfits casual attire for men

So I was shopping along, and I noticed this guy dressed exceptionally well Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Outfits: The Night Boys Turn Into Men

22 Dec

I’m sexy and I know it ..

Boys .. Boys .. Boys .. it’s NEW YEARS FREAKIN’ EVE! Or about that time .. time for you all to get suited, booted, and dressed up. We here at Pretty Please are all for our guys looking good .. if we could, we’d go shopping with each and every one of you, but for now, we’ve compiled some looks and items to help you compile your New Years Eve Swag – err look! We have suggestions for our favorites below, so read and go shop!

Vests & Bowties

David Beckham Fashion Clothing Bowtie Vest Trendy Outfit Dressed Up New Years Outfits

New Years Eve is the perfect time to bust out formal pieces, such as vests and bowties, and work them into your look for the evening. The beauty of these pieces is that you can dress them up with the tuxedo look, and you can dress them down, as David Beckham does in the above picture, sans the blazer. Continue reading

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